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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Public Corruption

I have recently accepted a case involving corruption within a Southern California city. The premise of this investigation is based on the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program. If anyone has ever tried to get information out of a municipality for a pending lawsuit, then you know that it is like pulling teeth.

The first problem is trying to find someone to accept responsibility for oversight. I traced the oversight or lack of oversight to the State Comptrollers Office.

I wanted to find any documentation based on the amount collected through the program and where or who the funds are disbursed.

BOTTOM LINE with this case is that I am attempting to prove the city's knowledge or allowance of their Code Enforcement Officers to steal cars from people's residences under the auspice of the cities Abandoned Vehicle Abatement program.

In this case, the state, county, or city don't want to accept responsibility for this program that basically has no oversight or repercussions for not following the established procedures.

My question is: If the police, code enforcement, and the government is there to protect us, then who protects us from them?

More to come on this interesting case...

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