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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pro Bono Criminal Defense Case

I recently took a Criminal Defense case on Pro-Bono. This case involves a man that was incarcerated back in 1987. The case is a wrongful conviction and there isn't anyone that has offered to help this guy that is interested in helping Pro-Bono.

Maybe I am old fashioned but what happened to people that help people without expecting something in return. I am not extremely busy working other cases but I am busy enough to work a Pro-Bono case for this guy. I am in the process of re-contacting everyone in the case as well as some new witnesses that have re-surfaced. This is going to be an arduous task but it will also get my foot in the door to work Criminal Defense Investigations.

Here is a link to the case through the Innocent In Prison Project International (IIPPI) :



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