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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Can you solve these 3 mysteries?

Here are 3 mysteries to solve (from Infoguys list serve):

Mystery one

A man was found murdered Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the
police. The police questioned the wife and staff and got these answers:

The wife said she was sleeping.
The cook was preparing breakfast.
The gardener was gathering vegetables.
The maid was getting the mail.
The butler was polishing shoes in the pantry.

The police instantly arrested the murderer. Who did it and how did they

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Mystery two

A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes
a real gun with real bullets. He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere
and no, he didn't miss and he wasn't Superman or any other crusader wearing

How did he do this?

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Mystery three

Old Mr. Teddy was found dead in his study by Mr. Fiend. Mr. Fiend recounted
his dismal discovery to the police:

"I was walking by Mr. Teddy's house when I thought I would just pop in for a

visit. I noticed his study light was on and I decided to peek in from the
outside to see if he was in there. There was frost on the window, so I had
wipe it away to see inside. That is when I saw his body. So I kicked in the
front door to confirm my suspicions of foul play. I called the police
immediately afterward."

The officer immediately arrested Mr. Fiend for the murder of Mr. Teddy.

How did he know Mr. Fiend was lying?

For answers to the above 3 questions, click comments below.


Raymond Miller said...

Question # 1: The maid, there is no mail on Sunday.

Question # 2: He shot into the mirror.

Question # 3: Frost only occurs on the inside of the window.

Sebastian said...

I disagree with Question 1... just because there is no mail on Sunday, doesnt mean she couldnt check it. I often check mail on Sunday because I didnt get to it on Saturday, or even Friday!... off hand i would say the butler did it... who polishes shoes in a pantry??? weirdo!

Question 2 was easy....

you got me on ques 3....