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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review of Professional Investigator Software

I have conducted a preliminary review of the Professional Investigator software which is offered for $395 until May 2 with the additional bonuses and I am very excited about this product. This product has succeeded where others have failed. Not only does it allow you to track your clients and other investigators it also gives you a marketing package to get more business. All you would need is to get one case from a current client using the Professional Investigator marketing package and you have paid for the software.

Here is their ad:

Order Now - 24 Hours a Day!

Professional Investigator

"Professional Investigator is undoubtedly the ultimate 'must have' program for any professional investigator. Superb!"
Ian Fairbrother (ABI, IPI, WAD, GIN, ALDONYS, NAIS, CNAR, IKD), Davies Investigations, Surrey, U.K.

"Professional Investigator should be a standard part of any sized investigative agency and I'm sure it will be the industry standard for years to come. The Holy Grail of P.I. Software."
Larry Olmstead (WIN, IRE, CALI, LACIA), President of the World Investigative Network, Hollywood, U.S.

Order before May 2 and get the following bonus pack:

  1. The Complete program: Professional Investigator. Including all the powerful features you have just read about plus much more! $395 value.
  2. Bonus! PI Backup 2001. This brand new module gives you total "peace of mind" as it creates industry-standard ZIP backups of your Professional Investigator data in seconds. Also great for moving data from one machine to the other. $99 value.
  3. Bonus eBook! Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin. This inspirational book on marketing your business in the new millennium is available from Amazon for $40!
  4. 30 day, No-Risk, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We are so convinced that this program will drastically improve your bottom line that we are willing to let you try it risk-free for thirty days! If at any time during that period you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever we will issue a full refund on the spot. No guilt. No questions asked. You don't have to prove anything to us. That's how confident we are that this package will help you start getting the efficiency, control and improved business results you've been longing for.

Total Bonus package value = $534.00

You pay only $395.00 for the complete program and bonus pack when you order before May 2.

EVERY user tells us that this is the BEST investment they ever made for their business! Furthermore, they tell us that it pays for itself less than a week !

What have you got to lose? Nothing. What have you got to gain? More. More efficiency, more control, more business, more profit, more time!

What are you waiting for? Aren't you ready to start turning your agency into the efficient, effective, popular and profitable business you've always wanted? Imagine...

You could be using this internationally acclaimed program and seeing results right now. There is absolutely no risk involved and the low cost is 100% tax deductible as a business expense.

The only thing you stand to lose is the money you could be making if you were using this system today. You're losing money and your competition is getting richer every minute you delay!

Order Now - 24 Hours a Day by clicking on the 'Order Now' button below and get all of the great bonuses listed above. You will be up and running within a very short time of placing your order. Software and unlock codes are delivered electronically over the web.

If you have an extra $400 laying around and want to increase your business revenue, this is the product for you.

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