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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Should Repo agents carry weapons?

I recently read an article about a repossession agent who in the process of repossessing a vehicle was assaulted by the owner who sprayed him with water from a water hose. This repo agent then pulled a baton from his person and struck the owner of the vehicle resulting in the repo man's arrest by the local police. This is based on an article and has not been researched by yours truly by looking at the actual police report.

I am not a repo agent but I have conducted fugitive recovery, trained others in fugitive recovery tactics and have made numerous arrests of fugitives over a 7 year law enforcement career. I can tell you that it is a dangerous thing to recover a person who doesn't want to be recovered. I can understand carrying a baton, pepper spray or a gun when conducting fugitive recovery operations but do you really need to carry a weapon when conducting a repossession of a vehicle?

In my humble opinion, at a minimum, a Repo agent should wear a bulletproof vest but I don't see the need for a weapon. Can someone give me an example of a situation where you would need to pull a weapon on the owner of a vehicle that you are repossessing? I can't think of any situation where you would need a weapon.


Daniel said...

I am a recovery agent in the state CA. If you don't think a recovery agent would have a need for a firearm then you obviously have no idea about this business. If motor vehicles weren't equipped with alarm devices, an experienced recovery agent would be able to take a vehicle without any change of the registered owner ever knowing what was going on. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I have personally had several instances where I have been threatened with my life while having everything from a metal pipe to an assortment of firearms. I currently have over 12 bullet holes in my vehicle from situations where I was recovering a vehicle. My partner whom I work with, had one of the bullets just barely miss striking him in the head as one of the rounds came in through the back window and out of the front windshield. To some people, their vehicle is their means of living and sad to say, but it is all to much of a reality to me, that people are willing to kill a person in attempts to keep their unpaid vehicles.

Anonymous said...

I have to absolutely agree with Daniel, whomever thinks that a repo agent should not be allowed to carry, has absolutely NO idea what it is like out there. People act the same, if not worse than when they are being reprimanded into custody. A repo agent is just doing their job and they should not have to be helpless without a way to protect themselves when individuals pull guns ect.

Anonymous said...

I agree but instead of carrying a gun why not carry and use a tazer since it is not lethal.

Unknown said...

Brilliant, a taser against a gun. Why not just wear a bullseye for the debtor to aim at with a gun. Electrocute a person with a finger on a trigger aimed at you. Really. The brains on this one.